The Return of Epic Fantasy

WINTER IS COMING!!! And you know what that means… more Game of Thrones! And even better than that, the return of the EPIC FANTASY SUITE as part of the Rogue Winter Series!

Extremely excited to be putting this on again in a few weeks with a fantastic band – Bridget Anne Kelly, Kaito Walley, Matt Steele, Chris Beernink and Reuben Bradley. We’ll be putting together two of my favorite things to tell a tale most epic and fantastical, following the path of The Chosen One as they realise their destiny (through music!)

It sounds silly but the suite contains some of the music I’m most proud of writing. From jazz to film and game music to pure theatre (I’ll be telling the tale between movements) there should be something here for all y’all.

We’re on at 9pm at The Rogue and Vagabond, 18 Garrett St, $5 on the door. Hope to see you there!

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