May 2017 Tour Dates:

We’re pretty stoked to be part of Chamber Music New Zealand’s Encompass regional tour. We’re performing in all sorts of far-flung places, from Warkworth to Invercargill! Never fear if you’re one of our urban (urbane) fans however, we’re padding out the tour with shows in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington.

5 May 7:30 pm: Warkworth | Matakana Village Hall | Buy tickets

6 May 8.00pm: Auckland | Audio Foundation | Buy tickets

7 May 4:00 pm: Tauranga | Graham Young Youth Theatre | Buy tickets

10 May 7:30 pm: Motueka | Chanel Arts Centre | Buy tickets

11 May 6:00 pm: Blenheim | St Andrew’s Church | Buy tickets

12 May 8.00 pm: Christchurch | Ara Institute of Canterbury Music Arts | Buy tickets

13 May 1:00 pm: Geraldine | The Academy of Performance and Arts | Buy tickets

13 May 8:00 pm: Dunedin | Pequeno | Buy tickets

14 May 2:00 pm: Invercargill | SIT Centrestage Theatre | Buy tickets

17 May 7:30 pm: Lower Hutt | Little Theatre | Buy tickets

19 May 7.00pm: Wellington | The Third Eye | Buy tickets

“I don’t like jazz, but I loved that!” – a happy punter

The Jac is 8-piece ensemble featuring some of New Zealand’s foremost musicians from the jazz, classical and metal scenes. Drawing heavily on all of these genres and more, they perform cinematic, suite-like compositions. The 4-horn 4-rhythm section instrumentation combines the power and versatility of a big band with intimacy and interaction of a small group, Intelligent and intricate, yet deeply grooving, this band is a must-see.

Watch The Jac performing Live in Christchurch:

The Jac released their debut album Nerve on the Rattle Jazz label in 2014. Comprised of 5 intricate and densely arranged original pieces, it has drawn considerable critical success, and was nominated for the Best Jazz Album Tui award in 2015. Their follow up album, The Green Hour, continues to inspire rave reviews.

Described as being “on par with any global contemporary jazz bands (The Jac) is an exquisite slice of NZ jazz and one that deserves to be heard”, the band also features musicians bringing influences and expertise from outside the jazz spectrum. Notable among these are Matthew Allison, associate principal trombonist in the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, and Shaun Anderson, drummer for prominent metal bands Saving Grace and Depths. Completing the line-up are Alexis French, ex Black Seeds and leader of the Richter City Rebels, on trumpet; Nick Tipping, bass; Chris Buckland, tenor saxophone; Daniel Millward on piano; and Callum Allardice, guitarist and alongside Jake the other chief composer for the band.

Sitting somewhere between a small combo and a full big band, the four horn, four rhythm instrumentation of The Jac is highly flexible, capable of both explosive power and also quiet intimacy.

“It is all too rare to see such configurations in New Zealand and I wish more would surface.”

This is a band that commands your attention, with catchy melodies, rich harmonies, and driving grooves. The tunes are designed to take you on a journey; the long form, almost through-composed arrangements seamlessly weaving from the organised to the improvised and back again.

Listen to music from the Jac:


Albums from the Jac: