Antipodes studio recording + new video

We’ve just finished recording our first studio album at Free Energy Device in Sydney. It was amazing and quite a humbling for me to experience such an expert capture of our sound! So props to engineer Richard Belkner as well the wonderful band – almost back to the original 2014 lineup: Luke Sweeting, Ken Allars, Aidan Lowe, Max Alduca and Callum Allardice.

We’re not releasing that recording just yet, but in the meantime here’s a videos from our 2016 tour which I’ve only just gotten around to putting up: The Vibe!

WJF 2016

It’s that time again… the one week of the year when you have loads of jazz gigs, get decent coin and great audiences and generally feel like you haven’t made a terrible mistake somewhere in your life choices… That’s right, it’s the Wellington Jazz Festival!

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