New Studio Album Coming Soon:

Keep your eyes peeled for our new studio album, recorded in December 2017 here at the incredible Free Energy Device Studios!


“Do we deserve such dreams as these?” – an actual reviewer

Antipodes formed in Berlin in early 2013 as an outlet for the original music of Luke Sweeting (piano) and Jake Baxendale, joined by Aidan Lowe (drums). Since then Jake and Luke have toured Australia and New Zealand every year, joined by the guitaristic and compositional talents of Callum Allardice and a rotating cast of incredible trumpet players, drummers and double bassists, including Ken Allars, Simon Ferenci, James Heazlewood-Dale, Harry Day, Max Alduca, Tim Geldens, Tom Botting, Adam Tobeck and Nick Tipping.

The group focuses on an interactive approach to the music, the strong melodies tying together long, open improvisations. Described as “a northern European aesthetic with an authentic Australasian feel”, the sounds are drawn from a mixture of contemporary jazz, pop and folk, improvised music and their collective experiences of life as musicians on the far side of the globe.

Watch Antipodes, live in Christchurch:

Albums from Antipodes: